About Us

If you know me you know I always have something to say but when it comes to talking about myself allllll of a sudden I’m like who am I? Welp, here goes nothing!


I’m Janelle (heyyyy) and this company was birthed for two reasons. I always envisioned owning my company not only to benefit myself, but also to be able to give back to my community, specifically my students. I’m a Physical Education teacher by day and a candle maker by night!


I’ve always had a love for candles because my family ALWAYS had some sort of fragrance burning. I want my customers to have the same memories these fragrances brought to me. It's an amazing feeling when you light your favorite scent and it carries into the atmosphere.


I wanted my candles to reflect some of my characteristics: love, attitude, sass and culture. These candles are more than just wax, they are a representation of a young, educated, passionate and determined woman.  


Enough with all the sappy stuff, let’s get lit, light the candles and be great!