How does the Pre-Order work?
All items that are eligible for purchase will be made to order.  I will make the exact number of products ordered. If you want it, buy it. There will NOT be extras. 
How long will the Pre-Order last?
I will be accepting orders from April 24th - April 28th. After that, only items that are currently in stock will be available on the website. 
Can I order an item that is not on the website?
All items that are eligible for restock will be listed with a Green Pre-Order Banner. 
Monthly Candle Subscribers: Previous scents are eligible for pre-order!
Is there a limit on how many candles I can order?
Nope! You can order as many candles as you want. Whatever you order I will make just for you. 
When will I receive my order?
Processing times will begin AFTER the pre-order ends. The processing time for this restock is 7-14 Business Days. (Not including weekends or holidays.) Orders will begin shipping as early as May 6th. 
Can I cancel my order?
Once your order is placed, no cancelations or returns will be processed. I will be making your order(s) specifically so I cannot cancel your order. 
I missed the restock now what?
Once all orders have been shipped, I will begin restocking products and they will be available for purchase as they become available. To ensure that you receive what you want, I encourage you to take part in the restock so you don't miss out on your faves!
1. You order.
2. I make exactly what you order.
3. I ship beginning 5/6.
4. You receive & enjoy!
I am still confused on how this works, what do I do?
Email me!